Two decades of expertise in risk, compliance, innovation, learning & leadership.

The Principal of Archdale Labs is Lisa Jane (‘LJ’) Young. LJ offers 20+ years’ of experience in the intelligence, risk, compliance and policy spheres. She has worked in Commonwealth, state and local government, academia and the private sector.

In recent years, she has consulted for a number of local Councils on risk, fraud and corruption, and is a current Independent Member of an Audit and Risk Committee in rural Victoria. She has also led risk and audit functions for a Commonwealth agency.

While drawing on extensive formal training, LJ’s preference is to develop practical strategies for the workplace with a particular focus on human factors. Clients often comment on the accessibility of content and the simplicity and practical value of solutions to complex problems.

  • LJ’s particular areas of expertise include:
  • building staff capability and organisational culture
  • developing practical tools for the workplace
  • workplace communication strategies, and
  • the human aspects of analysis, teamwork and workplace decisions.

LJ holds Masters degrees in both Public Policy & Management (2020) and Criminal Intelligence (2005). As a former postgraduate lecturer with an undergraduate degree in psychology, LJ has detailed experience in adult learning. Engagement is critical to the understanding, retention and application of learning materials in the workplace.

LJ is the co-author of ‘Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence’, published by Federation Press in 2010. This was the first text to address the question of how an intelligence function should be managed in the contexts of law enforcement, the regulatory sector and private sector. It provides clear guidance to staff elevated from the analytical ranks to oversee the function.

2020 provided an unexpected space to begin work on a series of new materials – both online and offline – that set out a range of generic yet effective strategies to help organisations better engage with risk, compliance, innovation and leadership.

About half the time, LJ lives in Melbourne with her partner. The rest of the time, they live in a draughty yet magical former church in rural Victoria. An echidna called Toby visits the church from time to time.

LJ is also the Principal of LJY Consulting, which focuses on providing solutions to better leverage intelligence and risk functions. For more information, see www.ljyconsulting.com.au.

Download LJ’s full Curriculum vitae here.